I. Application and Admission 

1. Application Requirements

a) Bachelor or college degree (college graduates are required to provide evidence of additional credit)

b) Work experience preferred

2. Total Enrollments: 90

3. Admission Procedure

Application documents submission→Qualification confirmation→Entrance examination→Acceptance             

II. Program Duration, Program Teaching Format, Degree & Tuition

1. Program Duration: Two years

2. Mode of Learning: Part-time study only one day on weekends

3. Degree: MBA degree certificate awarded by Webster University and approved by MOE of China

4. Degree Certificate: MBA education certification from CSCSE of MOE of China

5. Tuition: RMB 158.000

Note: The tuition is excluded the cost of textbooks and materials. Tuition is paid in 2 yearly payments.

III. Location for Study, Faculty Textbooks and Study Abroad

1. Location: School of Management & Economics of UESTC, Chengdu, China

2. Faculty: All foreign professors are from Webster University

3. Textbooks: Latest foreign textbooks 

4. Study Abroad (optional chargeable activities): The students are encouraged to study 9 weeks at Webster University’s main campus in St. Louis of U.S.. The students are eligible to apply for joining a two-week studying tour to U.S. in summer. Graduates will be invited to attend their graduation at Webster University.

IV. Courses Structure

1. Fundamental Courses (4): Capital Operations, Financial Accounting,

Fundamental of Economics, E-Commerce

2. Core Courses (9): Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, Advanced Corporate Finance, Applied Business Statistics, Management Accounting, Marketing Management, Operations and Project Management, Managerial Economics, Strategy and Competition

3. Elective Courses (3): Human Resource Management, Business Research Methods, International Business Law, Leadership, Product & Service Development, Promotion & Marketing Communication, Supply Chain Management, International Negotiation Skills, Decision Support System, Corporate Social Responsibility 

V. Schedule for Application and Admission

Application:  2020.12 – 2021.06

Entrance Exam : 2021.06-2021.08

Acceptance, Registration, Paying tuition:  2021.06-2021.08

Class Starts: 2021.0

VI. Application Documents

1. Official Chinese and English diploma or bachelor degree certificates, official Chinese and English transcripts. Documents mentioned above shall be provided in duplicate and must be attested with the notary office seal or the university’s seal.

2.  Resume

3.  At least one recommendation letter

4. One copy of ID card or passport

5. One two-inch license photo with blue background

VII. Contact Us

1.  Address: iMBA Program Office, Room C321, School of Management and Economics ,Qingshuihe  Campus, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

(No.2006, Xiyuan Ave,West Hi-Tech Zone, 611731,Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R.China)

2.  Tel: 86-28-61831298 

Email: imba-office@uestc.edu.cn

3.  Websites: 




86 (21) 6536 3559
369 North Zhong Shan 1 Road,
Hongkou district, Shanghai 200083
86 (21) 6536 3559
369 North Zhong Shan 1 Road,
Hongkou district, Shanghai 200083