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Every day, every student gets closer to their goals. With more than 80 undergraduate programs and 100 global locations, the opportunities to combine personalized instruction with a real-world experience are unlimited.

Webster, a private, nonprofit, accredited university that excels at undergraduate education that is student-focused. You can pursue a bachelor's degree during the day, in the evening, in the classroom or online.

Majors/Degree Programs

· Accounting (BS)

· Acting (BFA)

· Advertising and Marketing Communications (BA)

· Animation (BA)

· Anthropology and Sociology (BA)

· Art History and Criticism (BA)

· Art with an Emphasis in Illustration (BFA)

· Art with Emphasis in  Studio Art (BA)

· Art with Studio Emphasis (BFA) Emphasis areas:

Art: Ceramics (BFA)

Art: Drawing (BFA)

Art: Electronic and Time-Based (BFA)

Art: Painting (BFA)

Art: Photography (BFA)

Art: Printmaking (BFA)

Art: Sculpture (BFA)

Audio in Media Arts (BA)

· Audio in Media Arts (BA): International Audio Production

· Biological Sciences (BS)

· Biological Sciences: Chemistry (BS)

· Biological Sciences: Health and Medicine (BS)

· Biological Sciences: Research and Technology (BS)

· Biology (BA)

· Biology: Biodiversity (BA)

· Biology: Education (BA)

· Biology: Health Science (BA)

· Business Administration (BS)

· Business Administration (BS): Sports and Entertainment Management

· Chemistry (BS)

· Computer Science (BS)

· Computer Science: Cybersecurity (BS)

· Costume Construction (BFA)

· Costume Design (BFA)

· Creative Writing (BA)

· Criminology (BA)

· Dance (BA)

· Dance: Ballet (BA/BFA)

· Dance: Modern (BA/BFA)

· Data Analytics (BS) 

· Directing (BA)

· Economics (BA)

· Education: Art K-12 (BA)

· Education: Elementary Education with a Content Specialization or Minor (BA)

· Education: Elementary Education with Special Education (BA)

· Education: Middle School (BA)

· Education: Secondary Biology (BA)

· Education: Secondary English (BA)

· Education: Secondary Mathematics (BA)

· Education: Secondary Social Science (BA)

· Education: Special Education (BA)

· Education: World Languages (BA)

· Educational Studies (BA)

· English (BA)

· English (BA): Drama and Playwriting

· Entrepreneurship (BA)

· European Studies (BA)

· Exercise Science (BS)

· Film Studies (BA)

· Film, Television & Video Production (BA)

· Finance (BS)

· Games and Game Design (BA)

· General Studies (BA)

· Graphic Design (BFA)

· History (BA)

· Interactive Digital Media (BA)

· International Human Rights (BA)

· International Relations (BA)

· International Relations (BA): International Economics

· International Relations (BA): Migration and Refugee Studies

· International Studies (BA)

· Journalism (BA)

· Legal Studies (BA)

· Lighting Design (BFA)

· Management (BA)

· Management: Human Resources Management (BA)

· Management: International Business (BA)

· Management: Marketing (BA)

· Management: Sports and Entertainment Management (BA)

· Management Information Systems (BS)

· Mathematics (BS)

· Mathematics (Pre-Engineering) (BS)

· Media Communications (BA)

· Music (BA)

· Music: Music Direction for Musical Theatre (BM)

· Music Education: Choral Music (BMEd)

· Music Education: Instrumental Music (BMEd)

· Musical Theatre (BFA)

· Nursing (RN to BSN)

· Philosophy: Art and Creativity (BA)

· Philosophy: Ethics and Society (BA)

· Philosophy: Individualized Emphasis (BA)

· Photography (BA)

· Political Science (BA)

· Political Science: Public Law (BA)

· Psychology (BA)

· Psychology (BA) with an Emphasis in Mental Health

· Psychology (BS)

· Public Relations (BA)

· Scene Design (BFA)

· Scene Painting (BFA)

· Scriptwriting (BA)

· Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Major (BA)

· Sound Design (BFA)

· Sound Recording and Engineering (BS)

· Sports Communication (BA)

· Stage Management (BFA)

· Technical Direction (BFA)

· Theatre Studies and Dramaturgy (BA)

· Wig and Makeup Design (BFA)

· Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (BA)

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86 (21) 6536 3559
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